The 2011 Canberran Trackable Race FAQ

How many trackables may I enter?

Only one trackable may be entered per person. Persons name and Caching name will be collected at the event.

Is there a limit on how many people can enter?

The more the merrier. As long as the trackable is registered and at the 2011 Canberran Trackable Race Event (GC2JNCM).

Is there a fee to play?

We’re asking for a gold coin donation to help cover the shipping cost and the cost of producing and laminating the race identification cards.

Can I move my own trackable?

In the effort to eliminate an opportunity for cheating, all cachers who enter the race are not allowed to move ANY trackable that is a race contestant. This is to avoid cachers trying to inflate their own score, or hindering the movement of others.

Okay, so I get the whole points thing, but I’m confused on something. Once my Trackable meets a goal, is that it or can it meet it again for more points?

Every time a contestant meets a goal it will gain points. For example, if your Trackable is involved with 6 CITO’s during the entire race, then it will get 25 points for each of the 6 CITO’s for a total of 150 points just for the CITO goal, provided it meets the rules for that goal.

Hey, I just thought of this great goal for gaining bonus points. Interested?

Sure we are interested. Let either Dvixen or Eynowd know and it we will consider it.

Okay, the race sounds cool, but what happens if I win?

Good question. Well, besides being named the winner of the race, prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as well as bonus and participant prizes.  Prizes yet to be determined.

I’m interested in the race, but I didn’t hear about it until XX/XX/XX, and I’m not sure I’ll make it in time for the start of the race. Can I still enter?

Unfortunately, if it is not here at the 2011 Canberran Trackable Race Event (GC2JNCM), it will not be eligible.

I’d like to be part of the race, but I won’t be able to make to the event, because I live interstate, or overseas. Can I still participate?

Absolutely. You’ll just need to get us a fresh trackable prior to the event. As long as it is taken to the event by someone attending (including Dvixen or I), it’ll be eligible to participate.

What is the official start date?

The official start date for the 2011 race will be December 12, 2010 (GC2JNCM).

How will my trackable be identified as a race participant?

Geo-What? Geo-Stuff! will provide laminated race identification cards including a summary of tasks/points ready to attach to all trackables entering the race.

Will the race organisers/reviewers be entering the race?

You bet we will. However, before objections are raised, we are inclined to remind you that once the race starts, all participants are not allowed to handle any racing trackables. We will, however, be excluding ourselves from the prizes, but we still want to be part of the fun. There are multiple reviewers for this race, no reviewer will be reviewing their own trackable.

I would like to follow the race once it begins. How do I do that?

There will be a race update page here on, and the Geo-What? Geo-Stuff! website will mirror that, once the race begins.

Can I use a geocoin instead of a Trackable?

Unfortunately, no. They are more than likely to go missing.

When I activate my trackable for the race, does it matter what I put for its activation location?

This does not matter but the first logged location must be the 2011 Canberran Trackable Race Event (GC2JNCM).

Do I have to start a new trackable or can I use one I already have?

Please start a new trackable. This starts everyone on a level playing field with a 0 point balance and it makes it easier for scoring.

Where are the rest of the rules?

For full details about the rules of the 2011 Canberran Trackable Race, see the 2011 Canberran Trackable Race Rules.