I have a tendency to think a lot. Some people have even gone so far as to say I think too much sometimes, but I don’t know if it’s possible to think to much.

This site is a collection of some of the stuff I think about. There’s going to be a relatively wide variety of topics, with some focused on more than others.

It’s also home to my Geoff In The Morning column, my homage to Chris Steven from Northern Exposure. It’s my philosophical musings on some weird thought that happens to be going through my head at the time. I started it originally in 2004, and have posted to it (very) irregularly ever since. Maybe with it here, I may post more often. Maybe.

As for the name “Eynowd”…

I’ve been using it online for a very long time now. In fact, since 1991.

I actually didn’t come up with in the first place. A friend of mine had created a character for the original Mechwarrior RPG, and named it “Inkor Eynowd” (pronounced “In core i-node”, a pun on a Unix operating system term). Not long after this, the same friend started a MUD up to reduce the network traffic out of the university we were at and asked me to 2IC. I said “sure!” and started thinking up a name to use.

At the time, offline, I was playing the Paranoia RPG at uni, and thought that a Alpha Complex themed zone would be fun. So, I asked my friend if he’d mind if I pinched his Mechwarrior character’s name, as it seemed vaguely appropriate; He said “go for it!” The MUD wouldn’t let have a two word name, so I shorted it to just “Eynowd” and the rest is more or less history.

Originally, I went by the title “Eynowd the High Programmer”, but eventually I gave up on the Alpha Complex idea and just became “Eynowd the Certifiable”.

Ever since then, I’ve been using the name “Eynowd” online…